Jeyve Steady Swaddle Original

Jeyve Steady Swaddle Original

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Getting baby to sleep can be one of a parent's biggest challenges!

The unique arms UP design of our Steady Swaddle allows your baby to calm quickly for longer and better quality sleeps for baby and you!
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  • When babies are placed on their back to sleep, their natural position is arms up so they can self-soothe at night when they wake up.
  • The Jeyve Steady Swaddle Original design allows for self-soothing, unlike traditional swaddles which hold baby's arms down and frustrate them.
  • Dual zipper for easy diaper changes without taking them out of the swaddle and no bothersome snaps, noisy Velcro closures or loose fabric. Wings prevent face scratching
  • Material: 100% Cotton (non Zip-Off Wings)
    95% Cotton, 5% Elastane (with Zip-Off Wings)

 Steady Swaddle in Three Easy Steps

Step 1: Legs In

The Steady Swaddle is easy and fast to use. No classes are needed to learn wrapping techniques; no practice is required to master them. Simply put your baby inside the swaddle and zip it up.

Love to Dream Swaddle UP Original

Step 2: Hands In

Other swaddles restrict the arms and hands to the sides or across the chest, which many babies will not tolerate. Steady Swaddle's patented wings allow your baby access to her hands to Self-Soothe, making for a happier baby.Love to Dream Swaddle UP Original

Step 3: Zip Up. Done

Anyone who can operate a zipper can correctly put a Steady Swaddle on your baby. Every time, even the first time. The Steady Swaddle will not come loose or undone during the night, eliminating the risk of your baby 'breaking out' of the swaddle.

Love to Dream Swaddle UP Original

Fast & Easy Diaper Changes

The Steady Swaddle’s 2-way zipper lets you open from the bottom, giving you waist-down access without undoing the top. Easy diaper changes after nighttime feedings without fully waking your baby, means you both can get back to sleep more quickly.

Transition from Swaddling to Arms-Free in Three Easy Steps with Steady Swaddle (with Zip-Off Wings)


Step 1: Use with Both Wings

To use the Steady Swaddle (with Zip-Off Wings) simply place your baby inside and zip up. Once her natural startle reflex has diminished, or when she begins to roll over, it’s time to transition to Arms-Free.

Step 2: Remove One Wing

The Steady Swaddle (with Zip-Off Wings) let your baby gradually adjust to sleeping without her arms swaddled. Zip off one wing so that one arm is free and the other remains swaddled.

Step 3: Remove Both Wings

After a few nights, remove the other wing. With both wings removed, the swaddle converts from a snuggly swaddle to a comfy wearable blanket. Congratulations. Your baby is fully transitioned and has access to his hands when he rolls over.

Steady Swaddle's unique design allows you to safely swaddle your baby.

  • No excess or loose fabric to become a suffocation hazard
  • Arms UP position reduces the risk of rolling over
  • Hip-Healthy design allows hips and legs to move freely
  • Recognized by International Hip Dysplasia Institute
  • Single layer of breathable fabric reduces the risk of overheating


1) Which size is best for my baby?

Ans: Please refer to the size chart of Original & with Zip-Off Wings

2) Can you use this swaddle in the baby has started to roll over occasionally? Can they use their hands to press up if they roll on their belly?

Ans: You definitely want to use the Steady Swaddle (with Zip-Off Wings) when your baby even thinks about starting to roll over. It's designed so you can remove one or both of the wings so your baby can use their arm to push themselves up so they can breath and cry for help in case they make it all the way over onto their tummy. This was the main reason we bought this brand. ~~Rachel D.

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