Chillipeeps 3in1 Teat & Spout -

Chillipeeps 3in1 Teat & Spout

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  • 100% Original Chillipeeps
  • Fully safety tested to EN14350 and BPA-Free
  • Teat/Spout attaches directly to 200ml bottles of Aptamil, Cow&Gate, Fortini and Infatrini ready-made formula
  • Teat/Spout attaches directly all all ready-made formula cartons, including SMA and Hipp
  • Teat/Spout attaches directly to Evian and Volvic water bottles
  • Perfect for travelling and when you are out and about
  • Any standard neck teat be replaced into the Chillipeeps adapter


What is the difference of chillipeeps 3in1 teat and 3in1 spout?
They come in two versions: one with a teat for younger babies and one with a spout for older babies and toddlers.

What is the suitable age to use?
For chillipeeps 3in1 teat: 3mth, 6mth, 12mth
The silicone teat is a vari-flow teat that can obtain different flow rates: slow I, medium II and fast III, by placing the teat with the I, II or III sign towards the babies nose.

For chillipeeps 3in1 spout: Suitable for 6 months and 12 months+


How to use?
The Chillipeeps Teat & Spout are suitable for ready-made formula milk cartons and bottled mineral water, to prevent tooth decay only give milk and water.

Fits all cartons of ready-made formula milk: To attach, remove bottom pod, ensure the carton is clean, gently pierce and screw in. As soon as you feel resistance stop. Do not over-tighten onto the carton, this could break the seal with the carton and cause leakage


How to clean? 
To sterilise the Chillipeeps adapter, you must dismantle it, wash it and place dismantled into your steriliser and then re-assemble after sterilising. The Chillipeeps is approved to be used in the dishwasher, sterilising solution and steam sterilisers.

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